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Life may not be easy, but there is solid and true encouragement for believers in Christ to cling to. It’s time to remind yourself to whom you belong. God has designed you to persevere through trials as he holds your hand. You can taste the victory of living life empowered by his goodness and might. Don’t give in to Satan’s lies when you’re facing low self-esteem. Tune in to God’s whispers of love.

Throughout the book, learn how God is calling you to take and give his encouragement for the furthering of his kingdom. He came to set you free, with bold courage, no longer held in chains by your emotions, situations, and lack of self-worth. God is calling his followers as the Holy Spirit presses on their hearts so they can mature and develop into determined, hopeful, and confident believers. If you’re struggling to understand that God has given each of us gifts and abilities to fulfill his purpose for our lives and the lives of others, it’s time to allow biblical truth and promises to seep into your very being.

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